The Story

In the fantastic and far away land of Metallo Pesante the most popular sport for every race is, no doubt, the DungeonPig…

It’s origins are, as often happen, lost in the mists of time.
Somebody says that the game was invented by an evil sorcerer to combat boredom and to punish his ineptest minions. Others argue that the first game of DungeonPig was played by hungry orcs and that in following centuries this practice has more and more changed to become the actual version of the rules.


Some of the first sketches used for DungeonPig prototype. Some of the first sketches used for DungeonPig prototype.
Fortunately since then the game has evolved a lot… ^_^


The point is, nowadays a game of DungeonPig is an event followed in every part of Metallo Pesante and the winners often rise to the rank of real celebrities!
But let’s see specifically the rules that, through the ages, has come down to us…

In the practice of DungeonPig usually two teams are facing each other, battling it out in a dungeon fraught with danger and absurd traps.
Each team is formed by a variable number of elements, often chosen among the crazyest adventurers of the kingdoms…
Teams enter the dungeon through separated and opposite entrances, each one near to his own “base”.

The aim of the game is to catch a magical pig inside the central hall of the dungeon and return it to base before the other team does.

Well… so it seems all quite simple, but it’s appropriate to specify a few things that make the game a bit more “spicy”.
To begin with the DungeonPig sorcerers-referees who have to draft the rules that were so impatient to start playing to decide that “Anything goes in the dungeon!”
Also the pig (or Puerko if you prefer), before each game is dipped into a cauldron of magic spark-slime, which gives, in addition to a certain luminescence and viscosity, tremendous transforming powers!

The first team bringing to its base the magical pig wins the game and the respect of all the audience. Audience?
Obviously the whole game will be filmed at any time by the fantastic Varth’s molecams, which will transmit the most spectacular images live worldwide throughout Metallo Pesante!


Produz2 The first DungeonPig print run coming out the Metallo Pesante forge!


This is briefly what can happen in a DungeonPig game.
But it can happen a lot more… just depends on you!

For now, the most famous commentators of Metallo Pesante salute you and wish you…

…may the Pig be with you!!!




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