Two good reasons NOT to follow this website

Hi everybody!

Here we are, trying to handle a good old first post !
Usually this would be the time for introductions, but if you arrived here you probably have already met me at some event and you surely already know how crazy I am…
Make yourself at home: browse through the site, comment, insult, give advice on how becoming master of the world… We are here for you!


Break the Ice First post usually used to break the ice…


How does the site works?
In the BIO section you can find some information on me and on what I like to do, meanwhile in CREAZIONI you will find all the creations of my Stakhanovite imagination and creativity: started with my boardgame DungeonPig but in future I’d like to add also my books and other worthy of me crazy ideas…
Finally in the MEDIA section you can find a collection of what others think of me and my creations, articles, reviews, interviews and videos. If you have to comment in that section, please pretend that I’m good, smart, handsome and famous… thanks. 🙂

But let’s go to the main point of the post (if you’re still reading you’ve hearned it): why not to follow this website!

1) Because it’s not a too serious site.
If you’re serious, stickler and/or pernickety just give up and browse elsewhere… The almighty web is full of websites run by experts and pundits ready to share with you the supreme knowledge.
Here we just have fun and don’t take it too seriously. The most serious debate you can attend would probably be on how to apply during a DungeonPig game the Dragon Poop rule…

2) Because it’s not a fashionable site.
If you’re searching for game design essays, fashion reviews, articles on big publishers or the best millenium releases, just search on Google, because you’ll not find them here!
All you can see on this website is just a creation of my twisted mind, self-published games and novels by me, ideas by me realized by me.
Everything I propose here are original contents, that you never found elsewhere (and that’s a good thing…).
At best you could find sticked here and there vague advices on books, movies, comics or games that I liked, but forget about technical studies on last IPhone able to perform shiatsu massages…

I hear somebody down there saying “But usually aren’t three the good reasons to ?”
But here we do whatever we like, don’t mind a lot conventions… 😛
Two are more than enough.

If despite all you’re still here reading and following this crazy site, all we can do is congratulate you on your bravery and thank you!
Ciao and see you again soon on these pages!!!


PS: Please excuse me for my poor English…
The blog is born Italian, so there would be more articles in my native language (for example many events report), but I’m working hard on translate the more content I can: little by little all the contents would be available also in English.
Thanks and may the Pig be with you! 😉

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